In connection and support to sales with offer a wide range of different key services

Customer Service

A key role is played by our customer service.

A Team of professional CSR’s are managing all activities from the production plant to the final destination.
Among others, can support with availability information, delivery update, logistic issues and technical documentation with a problem-solving mindset.

Laboratory Analysis

Euro Commerciale Group supply customers with analysis services and counter typing of samples through the following equipment:

  • Spectrophotometer FT-IR (Infrared)
  • TGA (Termogravimetric Analysis)
  • DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)
  • Stereoscopic Microscope
  • Melt Flow Index Machines
  • Moisture and density measurement idrostatic balance
  • Dynamometer
  • Slip tester
  • Ageing testing machine (Xenotest)

Strategic Consulting

We advise our customers to choose the best solutions that suit the company’s needs. We manage relationships with the most important polymer producers, which over time have become our partners.

The materials cover all applications in the main industrial and commercial sectors. We create networking and share innovation proposed by our partners.

Technical Support

Thanks to our strong experience, we have the ability to assist in identifying the combination of materials sourcing and product development. We provide the necessary support during the qualification process with samples, tests and related documentation.

  • We guarantee after-sales assistance on all of our products;
  • We provide technical advice on choosing the materials and technological solutions;
  • We provide specific advice on the certifications and regulations required by the various sectors.

International Logistic

We can arrange deliveries capillary in all Europe from all over the world and through our local warehouses.

We have extensive experience in the international transport of polymers and can offer you a complete range of logistics services including any mode of transport, the integral management of the movement of goods while taking responsibility for added value logistical operations for your company.


Euro Commerciale Group has a total storage capacity of 30,000 tons, spread across Italy, Germany, France and Greece.
A thousand Customers are served in more than 20 countries yearly.
Materials can be stored in all forms of packaging: silos, 25kg bags, big bags and octabins.

  • 30k Tons of global storage capacity
  • 20+ Countries we deliver through our sales team
  • 100k+ Tons of material distributed in Europe yearly
  • 1000+ Customers served with our professional support